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Hi Everyone, First to apologize for a typing mistake in my previous post "Samz Boost & Blast Butt Interval", pattern No 17053, Ex "The Side Crunch", please read the first line as "Knee left on the floor". Thanks Kathie for pointing it out.

I did a series of 20 minute Cardio Interval Circuit with my class for a month as a weight lose program, of course along with healthy & portion controlled eating. The cardio session alone burns about 145 calories and the session was followed by a target. worked out.:)

Here is the first routine of the series and I will be posting rest of them soon...

Cardio Session:

*Squat thrust: stand with feet together or hip width apart. Squat down and place your hands on the floor next to your feet. In an explosive movement, jump feet backwards into a push-up position, jump feet back between hands and stand up.


Fosse firmer - 12 reps - works shoulders, biceps, triceps, abs, obliques... Stand with right leg crossed in front of left, right hand on hip; hold weight out to side in left hand, elbow bent, palm up. Straighten left arm overhead as you lean torso to right, pushing hip to left. Return to start. Do all reps then switch sides; repeat.

Back Attack - 12 reps - works back, shoulders, chest, butt, hamstrings... Stand with feet hip-width apart, a weight in each hand. Bend forward, raising right leg behind you, arms hanging down. Hold position as you bend elbows, rowing weights to chest. Return to start. Do all reps. Switch legs; repeat.

Saddlebag Buster - 12 reps - works outer thighs, shoulders, back, abs, butt... Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart, a weight in right hand. Lunge to left as you reach right arm to left ankle. Stand, balancing on right leg, as you extend left leg to side and bend right elbow, drawing weight up to armpit for one rep. Step back into left lunge. Do all reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Dolphin Down-sizer - 8 reps - works shoulders, back, abs, butt, hamstrings... Start in inverted V Downward Dog with forearms on floor, elbows under shoulders, butt lifted, legs straight and heels raised (Dolphin pose). Raise left leg for five counts. Repeat on opposite side for one rep. Do eight reps.

Waist Cincher - 12 reps - works abs, obliques, shoulders... Start in side plank, resting on left forearm with legs stacked, hips lifted. Hold a weight in right hand, elbow bent 90 degrees. Hold plank as you rotate torso forward, bringing weight toward left armpit. Return to start for one rep. Do all reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Sitting pretty - 12 reps - works abs, biceps... Sit with knees bent, feet flat, a weight in each hand at sides, palms up. Contract abs and lean back at a 45-degree angle, lifting feet off floor. (Too tough? Keep feet planted.) Hold position as you do 12 biceps curls.

Rotating Reshaper - 12 reps - works shoulders, triceps, obliques... Sit with legs bent, feet flat, hands flat about 12 inches behind butt with fingers facing butt, elbows bent. Straighten arms, lift butt off floor and shift weight to left hand as you rotate torso and legs to left, reaching right arm across body to meet left hand, feet still flat. Return to start. Do all reps. Switch sides; repeat.

Flye Girl - 12 reps.. works chest, abs, butt, thighs... Lie face up with arms and legs extended to ceiling, a weight in each hand and legs together. Lower right leg to front and left arm out to side until hovering above floor. Return to start. Repeat on opposite side for one rep. Do all reps.

Hope you enjoy working on it, will be back with the rest of the routines. Please do let know how it works out with you or if there is any difficulty in the pattern. Love & Peace to all, Samina

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From: Karachi (Pakistan)
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