Cardio Resistance Insanity

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I've paired up some of the cardio exercises that appear in Shaun T's Insanity series exercise DVD's with some resistance exercises for an awesome sweaty workout!

Begin doing the cardio exercises (all 7) as a warm-up. (I use the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale from 1-10 with 10 being Very Intense). Increase intensity with cardio segments 2 & 3

(30 seconds each as Warm-up I- 60%- RPE 4-5)

Cardio Segment I


Power jacks (jump out, pushing through your heels and toes, separating your legs straight out to the side, wider than shoulder length, with your knees slightly bent. Be sure your knees are pointed straight directly over your toes. Swing your arms up and out to the side and over your head as you jump, clapping your hands over your head. Bring your legs back together into a squat position and bring your hands back down at your knees as you squat.)

Log jumps (jump to the right with right leg as if jumping over log and tap left foot to right - repeat jumping over log to the left with left leg tapping right foot to left.)

1-2-3's - (step to right with right foot, then with left then right again bringing left knee up and hold and repeat to left stepping to left with left foot, then right then left again bringing right knee up and hold) right/left/right & left/right/left

Butt kicks

High knees

Vertical jumps - (squat down reaching arms to floor and jump up swooping arms above head)

Strength Segment I (with pair of dumbbells)

DB's @ hips, step to right with right foot and squat then return to center feet together (30 seconds). Add right lunge (step to right squat - back to center - step back with right foot to lunge - bring leg forward to center and repeat) 30 seconds. Add DB shoulder press when feet return to center from squat and then from lunge (30 seconds). (Switch other leg and repeat changing press to db lateral rotation with palms up or heads of db vertical opening from center to outward)

Cardio Segment II (60 seconds)

Repeat Cardio @ 70% - RPE 5-7)

Strength SegmentII

DB's @ hips plie squat (toes turned out legs further apart then regular squat) 30 seconds. Add alternating leg lift then plie squat with db placed on top of leg (30 seconds). Add an alternating 3 pulse leg lift to side then plie squat (30 seconds)

Cardio Segment III (30 seconds)

Repeat Cardio @ 80% - RPE 8-10)

Strength Segment III

Step back right leg, shoulders back then bend forward hinging at waist, row db's with palms facing bringing elbows to the back, return db's down and then come back up with shoulders back. (30 seconds). Add leg lift with right leg as you row db's (30 seconds)

Switch legs and change to wide row with palms facing to the back of room (30 seconds). Add leg lift with left leg as you row db's (30 seconds)

Push ups (add alternating leg lift 10x)

Plank on Hands feet apart 6 inches (30 seconds). Widen feet to one foot apart and add alternating arm raise directly forward (10x). Plank on elbows (30 seconds). Add alternating leg lifts 10x

Crunches - knees bent and legs off floor (30x). Add alternating toe taps as you crunch up (30x)

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