Weight On; Weight Off

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 17128)

Round 1

Warm up-your choice

Round 2

On mat. Plank position for 30 seconds/1 push up/rotate to right plank hold for 15 seconds/rotate back to center plank hold for 15 seconds/2 pushups/rotate to left plank-hold for 15 seconds/rotate center plank hold for 15 seconds/3 pushups/rotate to right plank hold for 15 seconds/rotate to center plank holf for 15 seconds/ 4 pushups. Continue to left plank hold 15 seconds and back to center adding a pushup everytime you come center up to 8 pushups.

Standing. Legs in semi-squat position; one weight in each hand perpendicular to floor. Left right arm straight to the front chest level, left arm straight chest level; lower right; lower left-8X; lift both arms to front 8X. Repeat 4 sets

Squats-1 count down/up-24X; 3 count down, 1 count up squat-12X, add single count squat for 8X; 3 count down,1 count up for 4X, hold the last one down and pulse for 32 counts-repeat 3 counts down and 1 count up-4X holding last for the 32 count pulse; repeat 2 more times

Cardio. Footbal run in place

Round 3

On mat. Plank position-Walking plank-start on hands. come down to right forearm, left forearm, back to right hand, left hand-8X

Standing. Legs in semi squat position-one weight in each hand starting at chest perpendicular to floor. Right arm out to side, left arm out to side, right arm in, left arm in-8X; both arms extend to side 8X. Repeat right out, left out, right in, left in 4X, both out for 8X-Repeat4X total

Leg. Alternating right/left front lunges, single counts for 24X; Right leg front lunge 3 counts down, 1 count up 8X; repeat left; Right leg front lunge 3 counts down, 1 count up for 4X holding the last one down for a 16 count pulse; repeat on left

Cardio. Football run for 30 seconds; 1/2 time jumping jacks for 30 seconds; full time jacks for 30 seconds

Round 4

On mat. Plank position - bicycle plank for 1 minute; V plank moving out/out/in/in for 8X

Standing. Rhomboid chest pulls; right back, left back, right front, left front for 8X; both pull for 8X; Right back, left back, right front, left front for 4X; both pull 8X; repeat 3X

On mat. Lying on right side bent knee position (sitting in chair), start with single leg raises for 24X; 4X single no weight; 4X times single with weight-4 Rounds; change to 3 count up 1 count down 4X; repeat then add weight for 4X-4 rounds; bicycle for 1 minute; then change to inner thigh by placing top leg over bottom and squeezing inner thigh up for 16X; repeat with 3 count pulse for 8X; pulse for 16 counts; switch legs-start for top.

Football run; suicide run; high heel walk - raise onto toes as high as possible and walk across room in small steps 2X

Round 5

On mat. Butt squeeze- single counts for 16; three count up, 1 count down for 8, pulse for 32 counts

On mat. Crunches-single for 24 counts; 3 count up, 1 count down for 8X; change to oblique twist follwoing same pattern

On mat. Chest expansion and over head drops - start with chest expansion - one weight in each hand - drop right arm to side, left arm to side-4X; both arms for 8X; repeat 4X, then move to overhead drops following same format.

Round 6

Cool down


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