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Did this one the other night, and it went over very well with the bags. We have 12 of them, and it put them in an oval about 5 feet apart each. On the end, I placed them a little closer together, so the members could get around easier. Here goes: outer inner crescent kick left, uppercut right (not using the bag, but you could), repeat outer inner crescent kick left, uppercut right, shuffle right 3 counts (counts 8-10), now you're at the next bag, and finish with 2 round kicks left, and a punch right. Keep going to the right on the shuffle.

After about 16 reps of this 16 count combination, I had them repeat the right punch for about 30 seconds, then the left one for 30 seconds. and then begin the combination with a right outer inner crescent kick.

This kick brings the leg out to the corner (right leg to the right corner), and then it swings inward so that the inside of the foot makes contact with the bag. It's easier with the bags than without.

If you wanted to alternate this combination (have less bags or do it on the floor), you could just do 1 round kick left in the combination and then punch right than left. That would naturally lead you into the right outer inner crescent kick.

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