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Breathing warm-up (one breath, one movement)

Standing with mat going sideways with the instructor.

Alternate side lateral flexion (4 times) (inhaling up exhaling down) next: [look over each shoulder. chin to chest. turtle out of shell.]

Inhale both arms up, forward fold (repeat flow 4 times)

Stay in forward fold....inhale right arm up, touching left arm down, (opening the chest to the heavens) alternate 4 times

Inhale both arms up, exhale chair (sweeping arms out) repeat 4 times

Change chair to side or twisted chair and continue flow (cue: last one inhaling up and standing in mountain pose)

Face center of mat for Sun God. Inhaling arms up, exhaling down 4 x's) fan the fingers for moonflowers, add legs for sunflowers. (keeping the flow moving while we inhale up, exhale down) (When we get ready, we will meet at the top of the mat.)

Mountain pose. Forward fold.....half-way up extend.....forward fold....both hands go down, both feet step back...downward facing dog.

Lowering the knees to all 4's prepare for cat/cow. 4 times. All 4's for balancing table. Flowing elbow to knee 4x's each side.

Sidelying Plank. alternate sides as we inhale and lift, exhale down to all 4's and switch sides. 2 times. open chest to heavens.

All 4's to our first Child's pose. resting pose. counter pose. reflective pose.

Side lunge....... step up to front of mat.......... inhale arms up......... exhale mountain,

Sun Salutations. Run through twice.

Third time through, step left foot forward into kneeling lunge. knee over ankle. right shin flat on floor.

Lift arms for crescent moon. Hold for 3 breaths. right elbow outside of left knee, namaste hands for twisted lunge. Hold. drop right hand down, raise left arm up for chest opener. Hold. Drop both hands down to frame the front foot, straighten left leg and drop nose to knee, bend knee and lift chest, working with the flow of breath 4 times. after this from kneeling lunge can drop both hands/elbows down inside left leg to floor.

Meet both feet at top of mat. Inhaling up exhaling mountain pose or chair.

Repeat right side.

Mountain pose....Sun Salutation........left foot steps forward to High Lunge. Hold 3 breaths. twisted lunge Hold Warrior 3 (standing on one foot) with airplane arms Count 1-2-3 release. Warrior I. Hold 3 breaths. Chest expansion. forward to Pyramid. Hold. or can flow between Warrior 1 and Pyramid). Hold. Revolved Triangle. Hold. Warrior I prayer hands into Warrior II. Hold. flowing breath:Triangle hands push forward and back in front of chest. Hold. Warrior II and Reverse Warrior flow 3 times and hold in reverse warrior. Brave Warrior to Extended Angle. Extended Angle and Reverse warrior flow three times and hold in Extended angle. Next, hold Brave Warrior. right arms circle 3 times in one direction then switch. Brave Warrior to Triangle pose. Hold Triangle for 3 breaths.. Drop both hands to mat, walk hands to center of mat, feet turn in slightly for standing straddle splits. Hold. Walk both hands to right ankle for inner thigh stretch. Then walk both hands to left ankle to stretch inner thigh. Center hands turning thumbs to point towards big toes. Walk feet in heel toe for Prayer squats. Hip hinge up, flat back, Five-pointed Star. Balancing Half Moon.

Get a drink of water if needed. Shake legs. Stretch neck. Prepare for other side.

Repeat other side. Stand at the other top of the mat so the class will always be facing the instructor.

From all 4', cow, child's pose, Thread the needle on both sides. All 4's. both sides:Kneeling side plank. grab top foot with top hand. Child's pose. turbo plank to dolphin. drop to bow pose. Child's pose. breath arms up and windmill back into Camel. Right Side Gate. Left Side Gate. All 4's cat/cow.

Next: down dog. right leg up into 3 legged dog. Pigeon. hold arch back for half bow pose (grab left foot) Hold. swing left leg around sitting on right cheek for seated twist. Hold. Right Triceps stretch with strap. Hold. repeat from Next.

Butterfly. Staff. V-sit. Abs. inclined table. bridge pose. knee circles. leg stretches. final relaxation.

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