Smart Bells

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Ever heard of Smart Bells? The design makes flowing functional-movement accessible to anyone. You will experience increased flexibility, strength, conditioning, and better balance. Here's a sample of a Smart Bells class (any format) I teach-if you have any other questions, email me!

Russian Squat with Twist: Feet parallel, SB (Smart Bell) in both hands in front of thighs. Raise SB over head, as you lower, lower into a squat-repeat. To add the twist: as you raise up from the squat pivot on left foot as you turn upper body and SB overhead towards the right. Come back to center as you squat and pivot on right foot as you turn upper body and SB overhead towards the left.

Lateral Lunge and SB serve: Begin lunging right and left, holding SB in front of waist. Grad the SB in the center with right hand, as you lunge to the right, bring SB in an arch in front of you (as if serving a tray). Continue for reps. Repeat on left.

Pushups & Rows: Get in pushup position (knees or toes) with SB under 1 hand. Pushup, as you raise lift the SB next to rib cage. Continue for reps. Repeat on other side.

Hip Bridge and Chest Press: Lay on back, SB on both hand above chest. Lift hips up. Lower hips to the ground as you lower SB to chest, press back up. Repeat for reps.

Plank: Place SB on ground directly below chest-grab handles with both hands and come into plank position. Bring right knee towards chest, opposite elbow, and the same elbow. Continue for sets. Repeat on with left foot.

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