Aqua Oblique Workout with Noodle/2 Weights/Wall/Stretch

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 17158)

Aqua - 3.7.11 - - OBLIQUE WORKOUT!! (Jazz cd) - Cardio//1 Noodle//2 Weights//Wall//Stretches...

** First part my workout//**Next 2 were copied and pasted/added on from Turnstep 13329 and 14463

Noodle "Athletics"

With 2 Weights

Lateral surface moves:

Hands out of water:

Out of water without a bouy (HAD to add it, one of my favorites) Little crossovers to the front (hands out like a zombie, elbows stable, move from the shoulder, fast and small, only shoulder width apart. Raise up 6 inches at a time. Killer little outer pec worker!)

Finish with wall aerobics //wall stretches//yoga and Tai Chi...

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