Bootcamp cardio 25 minute routine

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25 minute cardio workout

26 moves (counting a move for each side), with jogging in between and two stretches. If you jog 15 seconds in between each move you use 8 minutes jogging. 5 of the moves done in red are for 1 minute, using another 5 minutes. So 21 moves are done for 30 seconds = 10 minutes. 2 minutes of stretches

  1. Jog in place warming up or march with high knee 1 minute
  2. Jumping jacks or tap out to the side one foot at a time or heel raises 30 seconds
  3. Wide stance jump up and down fist by your chest shift side to side boxer shuffle 30 seconds
  4. Rotate left arms wide stride hop up and down rolling punch beat the bag hop up and down beat the bag 30 seconds
  5. Other side beat the bag and hop 30 second
  6. Jog it out.
  7. Rotate left shoulder forward wide stride, jab elbows bent jab left arm jabs , right fist by your side 30 seconds
  8. Other side jabs 30 seconds
  9. Jog it out
  10. Face forward, wide stride, squat, right under cut, left under cut - feet are step tap with palms up faster faster faster faster 1 minute under under under go go go
  11. Jog it out
  12. Feet wide face forward palms down step tap, cross one arm at a time alternate rotate on ball of foot. Arm across chest quicker switch switch switch
  13. Jog it out
  14. Squat, up squat up, undercuts facing front again undercuts right left right left 30 seconds
  15. Jog it out
  16. Right foot forward face forward fists by sternum left foot back. Bring left knee towards right elbow then tap back. up back up back up up up up 30 seconds
  17. Begin to flick kick 30 seconds
  18. Other side 30 seconds (right knee coming up) 30 seconds
  19. Begin to flick kick - 30 seconds
  20. Jog it out
  21. Rotate to the right. Lean forward to counterbalance. Right knee bent weight on the right foot. Kick the left leg back. Bring the knee in to the crotch before you extend and on the way back. 1 minute
  22. Other side 1 minute
  23. Wide side front squat jog low football jog happy feet get low
  24. Shuffle right clap , shuffle left clap, one way other one way other
  25. Jog it out
  26. High knee jog right shoulder forward go go go right left right left faster 30 seconds
  27. Jog it out
  28. Right shoulder forward high knee jog but fingertips are pointed towards the ceiling keep your arms up yes you can high knee jog 30 seconds
  29. Jog it out
  30. Shuffle right touch floor ,shuffle left touch the floor if the floor is too hard touch your knee 30 seconds 5 minutes left
  31. Left foot forward wide stride basketball hoops shots land on a soft knee shoot the ball 30 seconds soft knee lands if too tired just bend knees and shoot without a jump
  32. Face forward wide stride, switch, switch switch, any way you want 30 seconds
  33. March it out
  34. Face forward jog jog jog jump, jog jog jog jump, jog jog jog jump go go go
  35. Flick kicks folk dancing lean backwards a bit like a little jig
  36. Jogging with fanny kicks , leaning slightly forward - roadrunner

Face forward sunrise sunset up and down
Little squat, knees over ankles, plie squat, hamstring stretch, roll up
Side stretch left arm up, other side

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